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Plastic Free Communities in West Somerset believe that replacing single-use plastic with alternative items is just the beginning of a journey toward a greener future the planet urgently needs. Our message to businesses, community groups and individuals in Minehead and beyond is think bold and think radical, as well as simply replacing and recycling, we should first challenge ourselves to: 


can you ban disposable items altogether?



Ban all kinds of straws outright and keep a small stock of paper straws under the counter for those who need them.

Bottled Water

Stop selling bottled water and offer a refill service instead. Is there a Refill scheme in your community you can support? Find out here


Get rid of single-use stirrers and put out re-useable stainless-steel spoons.

Individually Wrapped Biscuits/Cakes

Swap to ‘nude’ biscuits and cake domes

Carrier Bags

Ban plastic bags and encourage shoppers to bring their own bags, you could also offer a Boomerang Bag scheme for people who forget.


Replace with refill sauce bottles or dispensers, sugar cubes or a sugar shaker and refill pots of jams/butter. Put a refillmjug of milk out.

Coffee Cups

Be bold and only serve takeaway coffee in a refill cup. You can offer a mug exchange or rent-a-cup scheme until customers get used to the new habit.


Say no and opt for plastic-free bunting and decorations instead.


Coffee Cups

Promote refills by giving a discount to people who bring their own cup, actively reduce the amount of disposable cups you give out and saving money! Offer a mug exchange to regulars or set up a rent-a-cup scheme.

Plastic Bottled Drinks

Opt for cans or glass bottles instead. Ditch bottled water for a refill scheme.

Food Packaging

Encourage refill options. Then look at your supply chain and stock products which aren’t wrapped in plastic. Opt for things like paper bags or cardboard trays and boxes.

Takeaway Cutlery

Swap to wooden cutlery and encourage people to carry their own takeaway kit.


Food Containers Encourage people to bring containers from home to refill and swap to paper, cardboard or foil.


Reuse bubble-wrap, air pockets and other packaging which comes into your business. Check with suppliers what packaging they use and request an alternative.

Plastic Stock

What are you selling that isn’t in linewith being a plastic-free business or part of a plastic free community? See what you can reduce or replace.



Could you ban disposables outright and be a beacon for the rest of your community?


What items in your business can you easily do without?


What can be re-used in your business and how can you encourage customers to reuse?


How can you promote refill schemes in your business? Find out more here


It isn’t a solution, but responsible waste management is important. How can you capture and recycle the waste you generate?