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Problem plastic products

The alternative choices available to businesses can often seem complicated and confusing.  Issues around price and availability of items and products that do not rely on single-use plastics can often be barriers to making changes. Sometimes the alternatives have their own but different environmental impact. 

Click on the items below to find out what options you have in moving away from single-use plastic. The list is not exhaustive. New solutions are being developed all the time. Please contact us if you find out more information, research or examples of good suppliers of best practice so we can keep the content up to date - either for any of the existing items below or for new items you’d like us to add 


- Problem Products -

  • sachet

    Condiment Sachets

    Almost 855bn sachets are used globally each year, containing single portions of everything from ketchup…
  • soap

    Bathroom Plastics

    The bathroom can be a place filled with plastics, from shampoo bottles to toothpaste tubes, and…
  • plate

    Plastic Cutlery

    5 billion single-use cutlery items are used every year in Europe, and plastic cutlery is…
  • bag

    Plastic Bags

    Plastic bags have a huge environmental impact, with an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion…
  • bottle

    Plastic Bottles

    Around the world, over a million plastic bottles are sold every minute. According to Refill…